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Hello and Welcome! We're here for women who don't wake up with perfect hair. Women who like both sneakers and heels. The women who feel beautiful in a t-shirt. For the mothers, fiances, and wives. For those who are divorced or single. Those who want to celebrate or to heal. We want you to know just how truly amazing, unique, and beautiful you are. We know that you work so hard and always put others before you. Today, it's all about you. Time to applaud all the things that you have overcome in this crazy life. It's time to celebrate you. You are so deserving of pampering and your very own boudoir session. So smile love, and enjoy this moment, and let's show the world the art of you!


Serving Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas

Why boudoir photography?


To Empower and Encourage yourself to love and embrace how God has
made you.

Step out from your day-to-day and explore something new and exciting!

To celebrate where you are in your journey. 

To give yourself a gift of self-love and appreciation.

Recognize that you've NEVER lost your sexy!

It makes a great gift for your anniversary, wedding day or Valentine's day.

It's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop-dead gorgeous every once in a while!

What's It Like To Experience A Boudoir Session?

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a safe space to have a transformative, healing and powerful experience for all women, of all shapes, ages, sizes and shades. It’s not just about beautiful photographs, it’s about validating that beauty comes in all kinds from within. Its about healing trauma, overturning stigma, starting you on your self love journey and encouraging self acceptance. It’s about seeing you, for who and what you are. It’s about verifying that every woman is beautiful no matter what she looks like. It’s about acknowledging you.


Everyone is nervous! It's totally normal! You'll have a great time though and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!

Woman in black lingerie photographed by ATX Portraits


undressed woman sitting bedside photographed by ATX Portraits

Top 5 Boudoir Photography FAQ's

I’m nervous about how I look, will you help me with posing?

I’ve got you covered! I don’t want you to worry about a thing– I will be there to guide and cheer you on throughout your entire session. Trust me, you will do absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Are Hair and Makeup Included?

Professional hair and makeup are included in all of my sessions.  Makeup for boudoir is much different from the makeup you use for everyday life. It is also a way for you to relax before your shoot and feel pampered before we get into this style of poses. My local makeup artist will work with you to create the perfect look for your photos. 

Who will be present at the shoot?

For all my sessions, I will have an all-female team there to assist me. That being said, you can absolutely bring one girlfriend with you (as long as you'll feel comfortable posing in front of her and she is there to cheer you on). Please note that we do not allow partners in the studio while we are shooting. That's a firm policy. 

Will my photos be on the internet? Can they be private?

We take privacy very seriously at our studio. We will NEVER share your photos without your explicit permission, a signed Privacy Policy agreement, and a signed Image Release. We will honor whatever level of privacy you would like.


Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not! Your boudoir session is all about you and making sure we capture images you’ll absolutely LOVE and are comfortable with!  

Before & After

100% Everyday Women Who Decided to Treat Themselves

Before & After-ATX Boudoir.jpg
Woman in black lace teddy is in an elegant pose as she lays in bed.
Before & After-ATX Boudoir.jpg
Beautiful woman covers her body with a pink silk sheet.
A gorgeous woman poses at her bedside in a black lace teddy.
Portrait of Chris Reynolds, Owner and Photographer of Art of You Boudoir.

Your Photographer

Chris Reynolds

  • Award-Winning Photographer

  • Nationally Published Photographer

  • Professional, Certified, Licensed, Insured :)

  • Christian

  • Husband

  • Cat Lover

Hi, my name is Chris Reynolds, but all my friends call me 'bear".  I am a professional boudoir and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX.


Though I started my business in 2018, I've always had a love for photography. As most people do, I allowed myself at an early age to be deterred from following my dreams. The dream of being a professional photographer. Until one fateful day in 2014 when I bought my first camera. I have not put down my camera since. 

I chose to photograph women because I truly believe that there are three sources of beauty in this world—art, nature, and women.

As someone who has Celiac, I know what it's like to struggle to appreciate my body and honor it. That's why my mission is to help you see your strengths and beauty. To prove to you, that even though you may not think it, you truly are beautiful. I personally am a believer that God created all of us and that he doesn't make mistakes. No matter what is your age, weight, or body shape. You deserve to have gorgeous photographs of yourself.

I promise you that I will take the most beautiful images you have ever owned and that this photoshoot with me will change the way you see yourself forever.

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